Experts in Data Science

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence

Improve your business with IT systems analyzing data

Optimize processes, increase profits,

achieve a competitive advantage, reach your goals.

We work with a MISSION

We create software with AI elements, which using key data, increases the efficiency of human activities.

We have a VISION

We strive to use AI innovations to build systems which support human activities in the modern world.

We provide comprehensive IT solutions based on Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence components, maximizing profits for the client and minimizing the risks associated with implementation.

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Our team of Data Science experts will find value in your company's data and process it with the greatest benefit to your business.

What we do with data?

As a result, your business achieves better performance allowing you to reach your goals.


We focus on supporting document workflow in the tax and accounting sector, as well as the effectiveness of digital marketing.


Comprehensive application
for tax returns
in Germany.


Algorithm supporting media houses in the field of monitoring online advertising.


An algorithm that allows
precise targeting of users on Facebook.

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What other people want to boast about, we have written into the company's DNA. We are here to teach, help and develop. Our flagship project DiabetesLab aims to help people suffering from diabetes. DLabs has its roots in this project.

Meet our team, learn about the history of DLabs and our social project DiabetesLab.

Do you want to effectively use your company's data and achieve a competetive advantage on the market?

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