Career at Dlabs

Career at Dlabs

Location: Gdansk / Warsaw / Torun
2500 - 4500 PLN net

About us:

We’d say we’re young and ambitious, but everyone says that. Instead, let us tell you what we do. We started as a company writing diabetes management software. That’s right, diabetes. Hence the ‚D’ in the name. But it can also stand for Data, which we meticulously analyze, process and transform. We specialize in providing services and products where there is a need for Data Science, Machine Learning and AI. Health, Physical fitness, Nutrition, Autonomous Vehicles, Ads and Marketing, Psychological Research, these topics have at least one thing in common: we’ve provided solutions for them. At every point in time, we have a bunch of long-term and short-term projects. Some of them are for external clients, some of them are our internal experiments. Some of them may grow up to be products, either commercial or open-source. We have a few tools and technologies we’re fond of, but we’re also open-minded about changing them when it’s suitable. Some of them: Python, Django, R, Angular, React Native, Ansible, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes. Whether you’re already familiar with them or just curious to try them, just let us know. We’re no big corporation which means we can’t risk wasting our time. That’s why we want people to work smart, not hard. Not only focused on results but also the means of getting said results.


Our responsibilities:


Your responsibilities:



Send us your resume and we’ll contact you. Better yet, show us your public profile on GitHub or similar. Let us know your StackOverflow history. Introduce us to some useful Reddit threads you follow. Let us read your blog posts or publications. If you’ve got this far it’s clear we need you. Are you willing to join us?

Biuro Gdańsk
ul. Gen. de Gaulle'a 3A/2
80-261 Gdańsk

Biuro Toruń
ul. Przedzamcze 8 / 204
87-100 Toruń